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Support the Environment

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Today we wanted to take a minute to introduce our new theme: EcoPro. Likely most of you have already heard about EcoPro, but we wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the improvements we’ve been making and what’s special about the release of EcoPro. Its been a few months since our last theme: StationPro. […]

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Finding Category IDs

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For some reason it’s not very obvious in WordPress what your category IDs are. This video will take you through how to find them so that you can add them to your posts page sub-navigation.


Deep Integration With bbPress

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This is a follow up tutorial to the BBpress installation guide. It covers how to insert a single line of code into your bb-config.php file that will allow “deep” integration between your bbPress forum and WordPress site.


How To Install bbPress

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This tutorial covers the basics of a BBpress installation on your wordpress website. We hope you find this helpful and welcome your feedback.

PageLines Videos says “Hello World!”

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We are excited to officially announce the new video section of the PageLines website. On a weekly basis we’ll be bringing you useful videos covering many topics suggested by you! So get in touch and let us know what topics you want to see covered.

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Theme Installation Guide

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This tutorial covers the first step to a great looking website…theme installation! Using two different methods I’ll show you how to quickly and easily install your PageLines theme. One method involves the WordPress theme uploader and the other uses FTP access. Enjoy!

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Getting Started with Firebug

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In this tutorial we’ll go over the basics of using Firebug, a popular web development add-on for the Firefox browser that allows you to easily inspect the html and CSS of your web pages. I know you’re gonna love this tool!


Using CSS to Create a Splash Page

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This tutorial is all about using a little bit of CSS to create a splash page from an existing page template. With a little bit of detective work and minimal CSS coding you will be able to transform one of your pages into a squeeze machine. If you’re feeling lucky try going to,, for […]

Chain with Lock

How to Get Genuine Backlinks

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You own an online business. You have a domain, a great looking site, and all the functionality you need. Everything is set up exactly the way you want it except for one problem, you log into google analytics and there is no one coming to your site. You have no comments and no readers. Life […]


Tutorial: How to Add a Custom Image Header to iBlogPro3

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[Update: 4/26/2012] This technique is specific to iBlogPro3 and will not add a custom image header in the PageLines Framework. Adding a custom header to a WordPress theme is crucial for adding brand strength to your site. In this tutorial I will show you exactly how to add a custom image header and hopefully convince […]


The 4 Deadly Sins of CMS

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The “look-and-feel” of your website is crucial to building a professional and established brand on the world wide web. While PageLines provides you with a great design, the need for you to customize your site and brand is important, however, content management systems are not fool proof. Here are some common mistakes made by CMS […]


3 Clever Ways To Use Twitter for Marketing

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Today, I attended a talk given by Guy Kawasaki—who I consider the master of ‘personal’ branding. The talk was entitled “Using Social Media to Market Your Business,” and it was focused on Twitter. Prior to this talk, I thought I knew everything there was to know about ‘social media,’ and had come to the conclusion that Twitter was primarily “marketing people marketing to other marketers.” But after hearing about how Guy Kawasaki used it, I realized that Twitter is bound to evolve and it will play a useful role for business strategy in the future.


How To Drive Value

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If your struggling to grow your business, you probably have a weak value proposition—it’s as simple as that. Its a common problem; and in fact, lack of focus around a core value proposition is the root cause of most business growth challenges. This is why your value proposition is a critical piece of business strategy.


How To Present Strategy

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It is often difficult for small companies to construct a good segmentation and targeting strategy for their marketplace. This is because many of these companies don’t have a method of breaking down a market that results in something simple enough to make sense. In this article we will cover a Steve Jobs’ method of analyzing a marketplace that enables him to focus and develop fantastically successful products.