PageLines Battleground #4 !

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Hey everyone! It’s Wednesday again and that means only one thing: it’s PageLines Battleground time! Battleground #4 Contestants The voting goes on for two days – until Friday, February 3rd, 2012, when the lucky winner is announced! You can vote for this week’s favourite site here: [poll id=”5″] Last Week’s Winner First of all, we […]


What’s New In PageLines 2.1

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PageLines 2.1 will be officially released today and it adds some new features you’ll love. This version adds new default meta controls, a brand new Sharebar, support for integration with bbPress/BuddyPress, and a bunch more. With 2.1, you’re site is going to be better than ever… Meta Setting Defaults Since PageLines 2 came out, we’ve […]


Showcase Battleground #3

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Congratulations goes out to our Showcase Battleground Winner, Developer Alfons Muñoz who designed Niutech. Last weeks Battle was a close one with even more votes than before, click here to see the results. Every week we are going to be showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let everyone vote on the best […]

Showcase Battleground #2!

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Congratulations goes out to our Showcase Battleground Winner, Developer Jackey van Melis who designed Golf Baan Stippelberg Last weeks Battle was a close one, click here to see the results. Every week we are going to be showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let everyone vote on the best site to include […]


Upcoming “PageLines Developer Essential Training”

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Last month in preparation for the launch of the Store, we started working on a video tuturial series called “PageLines Developer Essential Training.” The idea for this program is to teach upcoming PageLines developers how to build PageLines sections, plugins and themes as quicky & effectively as possible. Since then, we’ve been tied up in […]


Showcase Battleground!

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Welcome to 2012 and the all new PageLines Showcase Battleground. Expect weekly opportunities to show off your PageLines designed site and have a friendly battle for a spot in the PageLines Showcase. Every week we want to show off 10 sites from the PageLines community and let everyone vote on the best site to include […]


PageLines 2.0 vs. PlatformPro

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Last month when we launched PageLines Framework 2.0– a major iteration to the drag & drop framework — we didn’t provide a concise overview of what the specific differences and improvements were compared with PlatformPro.. We’ve had tons of questions about “what’s different,” so in this article we’re going to highlight some of the new […]


My Experience Developing for the PageLines Store

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When I first found out about the PageLines Store in 2.0, I was excited. The fact that fellow members of the PageLines community would be able to take their coding knowledge and contribute to the store was very appealing to me. I really wanted to take a few of my ideas and bring them to […]


Your PageLines Reviews

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The new site is finally live and the new framework is in the hands of the developers and designers who will use it to do some awesome work. So far we’ve been very happy with the initial reviews of the 2.0 framework and we wanted to post some of the initial feedback we’ve received… WPCandy […]


A “Better Way to Build Websites”

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It’s finally here! After months of non-stop work; we’re extremely excited to be releasing version 2.0 of the Drag & Drop framework (which has been renamed to simply “PageLines Framework”) Why are we excited? Because this new release solves a ton of web design problems; for both beginners and professionals. It builds on the concept […]

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Congratulations to the LeContest Winners!

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A round of applause and congratulations to the top three developers in LeContest! Natalie MacLess, Enrique Chavez, and Stewart Wood have submitted the winning products! They have all won the chance to join PageLines at Le Web in Paris to launch their products on December 8th in the Store. We had several themes, plug-ins and […]


LeContest Final Submissions are in

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It’s been a great three weeks since LeContest was announced at Blogworld! More than 70 developers and designers signed up to be a part of the initial store developer group. The developer chat has been going almost non-stop for the last three weeks. Even with the limited time to build, 15 products have been submitted. […]


Welcome to the PageLines Store…

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If you’re a developer, designer or simply someone who wants to build awesome websites (without coding…) we have a special announcement for you. Let’s make this short and sweet, basically we’ve solved the major problem of c0de-heavy website design and our solution is called “The PageLines Store.” The PageLines Store is the first-ever marketplace for […]


Are you Ready to be a PageLines Pro?

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We talk about PageLines a lot — it’s kinda important to us. We love what the products do for people. But one question we get all the time is, “Do you know anyone who can build my website?” The answer is yes, actually we do, and those people are the PageLines Pros; and with our […]